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Dr.Purnendu Roy


  • Board Chairman & Hon. Trustee Member
  • Genesis Educational and Charitable Trust.

Olivia Dunlop


  • Genesis Educational and Charitable Trust.
    • Nilakhi Roy – Trustee & Secretary

    • Roshni Roy – Trustee

    • Rushmina Roy – Trustee

    • Debopam Mukherjee – Trustee

    • Simon Dunlop – Trustee


    Genesis Educational and Charitable Trust (GECT) was founded on the 21st of April 2009 in Kolkata West Bengal. GECT has have been helping and has adopted more than 515+ tiger victim widows and 1000+ underprivileged children in Sundarban. GECT takes care of their livelihood which includes health, education, food, health and hygiene, clean drinking water, recreational activities. The founder and trustee members together work hand in hand in areas like Jharkhali block, Basanti block, Kultali block, and Gosaba block of Sunderbans, where the tiger victim widows, orphans, old age people, and destitute children are the major focus groups.

    Since the very onset, GECT has been relentlessly providing nutritional food, education, clothes, and other allied necessities on a regular basis. The prime objective is to empower and provide a healthy and hazard-free life to the inhabitants of the targeted islands of Sundarbans.

    Moreover, GECT has also adopted more than 515+ tiger victim families and children in Gosaba and has taken the entire responsibility of their survival and education. Besides, GECT is planning to offer vocational training to the women of Sundarban which includes training and distribution of Sanitary Napkin, training of stitching,training of nursing & hospitality, training of fish farming, training for veterinary requirement for the cattle, training for agricultural development, and plans to set up an English medium school for the underprivileged children in Sundarban.

    He worked as a Senior House Officer in William Harvey Hospital in Ashford, Kent (England) and joined Surgical Rotation Training in South Cleveland Hospital. After the completion of FRCS, he worked as the surgical registrar in Scarborough General Hospital, Yorkshire.

    After his return from England in 1992, he initiated his career at Kothari Hospital, Kolkata and served for three years. In 1995, he joined Duncan Clinic which later became Apollo Gleneagles Hospital and Clinic. He also practiced at Anandalok, a charitable hospital where he treated patients free of cost and did a high volume of laparoscopic surgeries at an economical rate up to 51 surgeries per day. On an average, Dr. Purnendu Roy performs 5,400 surgeries every year and till date operated over 1, 51,200 patients over the period of last 28 years.


    To supply the basic needs to the deprived children and widows of tiger victim families in a sustainable manner and securing them in the heart of Sunderbans.


    To create independent earning individuals through proper training sessions in the areas of Basanti blocks and Goshaba islands of Sunderbans


    To build a developed society and community in the most affected regions of West Bengal through health and education, Hygiene, Clean drinking water, Sanitation, sustainable development projects like animal husbandry which includes distribution of goats, chiks, fish farming etc.